Application development with Purescript

Join us on the 20th July at 7pm at Madlab, where Becky Conning tells us about her path from Javascript to Purescript.

Becky's team uses Javascript for everything and over time has found the approaches and technologies that were helping them the most have their roots in functional programming.

Purescript is written in and inspired by Haskell. Luckily for us web developers, Purescript modules compile to CommonJS modules making  it surprisingly easy to interface between Javascript and Purescript in both directions.

There are also versions of Purescript in development that compile to Python and C++.

Becky will be sharing her excitement about the possibilities of functional programming for application development with you and we’ll building a small application to help get you motivated.

So whether you’re a Javascript developer, a seasoned functional programmer or just interested in applications come on down and get excited about Purescript and functional programming for applications!