This monday at 7pm Rick Moynihan is talking about Clojure, the functional Lisp for the JVM.

The interactive REPL driven demonstration will try and provide a whistlestop tour of Clojure and its workflow, showcasing unique aspects of the language and its workflows.  Depending on what people want to see, we can touch on topics ranging from macros and meta programming to interacting with Lisp at the REPL, using profilers to diagnose performance issues, tools such as Leiningen, nREPL, Paredit, or CIDER, or the concurrency options available to you such as futures, promises, agents, atoms and the Software Transactional Memory.

Or perhaps any other core language features such as protocols, multimethods, persistent data structures, lazy sequences, transducers, that I can talk about.

I won't be able to cover everything, but I'll try my best to give you a flavour of this practical language.