We’ll meet on Monday 16th October, 7pm (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 7:10pm) at MadLab to learn about macros in Clojure.

(We don’t know yet if we’ll be in the main section or the next door FabLab - will be clearly signed and we’ll try to tweet details beforehand!)

Clojure Macros - with great power comes much confusion

Dan Meyers (BBC Programme Metadata, @Carr0t) will go through the basic building blocks of macros and how they differ from functions. He writes:

“Anyone who’s written any Clojure has probably used macros that are in the language core, even if they didn’t realise it, but a lot of people might not have written their own macros.

We’ll go through two examples covering what I see as the major use-cases of macros – logging and code readability. We’ll do this bit by bit to see how they do what they do, and then look at the results of that.”

The talk starts from fairly basic principles and building on that so you don’t need to know Clojure or anything to understand it. A few brief slides at the beginning give you all the info you need to understand what’s going on even if you’ve not really looked at a Lisp-like language before.