We’ll meet on Monday 19th February, 7pm (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 7:05pm) at MadLab for the first meeting of the new year! Please register to let us know you’ll be attending.

Paul Brabban from def_shef in Sheffield will talk us through implementing a classic machine learning algorithm. This is a workshop session, so do bring your laptop to play along if you can! Paul writes:

The algorithm behind the k-nearest neighbour classifier dates back to the early days of computer science. Its simplicity, amongst other properties, make it a great introduction to machine learning algorithms.

In the workshop, you’ll implement a kNN classifier in the functional language of your choice, including training and testing against real data sets using k-fold cross validation. I’ll help anyone who’s having problems, and for FP experts who finish the implementation quickly, there’ll be several suggestions for further exploration.

If any of those terms are new to you, don’t worry! We’ll assume no previous Machine Learning knowledge.

(Please register to let us know you’ll be coming!)

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces, we should have some time after the session to chat about what people been playing since we last met in November. Please shout on the night, or contact the mailing list or ping @lambdamcr to let us know if you have a talk you’d like to give. (We’re a very supportive crowd, do let us know if you have any questions!)