We’ll meet on Monday 19th March, 7pm (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 7:05pm) at MadLab for a meeting about Elm! Please register to let us know you’ll be attending.

Michael Jones who runs the new Elm Manchester meetup, will be showing us how to get started with Elm!

Elm is a friendly language for front-end development that promises ‘no runtime exceptions’. It has a functional approach with a solid type system and a focus on simplicity. Michael will demonstrate how to get going with a basic Elm application and illustrate how some of the features of the language and the compiler lead to a smooth & enjoyable development experience.

We’ll start with a demo and some live-coding. There’ll be plenty of time for discussion, and do bring along your own laptop if you’d like to play along!

(Please register to let us know you’ll be coming!)

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces, we should have some time after the session to chat about what people been playing since we last met. Please shout on the night, or contact the mailing list or ping @lambdamcr to let us know if you have a talk you’d like to give. (We’re a very supportive crowd, do let us know if you have any questions!)