So this is very exciting for several reasons: our next meeting is on Monday 21st May at MadLab’s new venue at PLANT NOMA (Redfern, Dantzic Street, NOMA, M60 0AE).

(See MadLab’s announcement for more details.)

We’ll be learning about Audio Synthesis in F# with John Stovin. This is a re-run of his very popular workshop at F# Exchange this year, and should be lots of fun! This meeting is brought to you in collaboration with the Manchester F# User Group.

Planning for the usual 7pm (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 7:05pm), but do keep an eye out for any changes, as it’s a slightly new setup.

Please register to let us know you’ll be attending.

In this workshop, John Stovin will show how several features in F# work together make it an ideal platform for creating high-performing real-time applications for a wide variety of application areas. Specifically, John will share with you how reactive event handling and lazy sequences can be used together to create a simple software-based audio synthesizer.

No knowledge of signal processing theory is required. John will start with a simple, non-technical and non-mathematical explanation of the basic concepts of digital signal processing. John will then build on that explanation to show how to design a basic signal flow and processing elements using pure functional elements, and how to make this signal flow interact with external devices in real time.

Functional topics covered will include: Seq & List; Event Handling; Sequence comprehension; Higher-order functions, particularly unfold.

Have you done audio or music work with a functional programming language. Let us know on twitter or at beginning of the session, and we should have time for some show-and-tell at the end of the session!

(Please register to let us know you’ll be coming!)

(And please get in touch if you’d like to talk at a future event: (contact the mailing list or ping @lambdamcr, or speak to us at the event! We’re a very supportive crowd, do let us know if you have any questions!)