Our next meeting is on Monday 19th November.

IMPORTANT: the venue has been changed to Federation House We’ll be in the “Solidarity” room!

The meeting starts at 7pm (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 7:05pm).

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Daira Hopwood, a LamdaLounge regular, will tell us about Zero-knowledge proofs, a fascinating area of cryptography with wide applications for security and the blockchain.

Zero-knowledge proofs allow Alice to prove to Bob that she knows a secret, without having to reveal it.

With zero-knowledge proofs, you can validate in O(1) space and time that an arbitrary amount of computation occurred correctly. This remarkable property depends, at least for now, on writing programs in a peculiar (and peculiarly terrible) mathematical language called R1CS (Rank 1 constraint systems).

This talk is an introduction to writing efficient R1CS programs.

This event is generously sponsored by Equal Experts, a network of talented, experienced software consultants, specialising in agile delivery.

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