Our next meeting is on Monday 18th November at Barclays Eagle Labs in Albert Square (Union, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 6LW).

The meeting starts at the usual time of 1900 (doors open a little earlier, we aim to start by 1905).

Please register to let us know you’ll be attending.

This month we have lightning talks

Frankie Gough - What’s New in Scala 3 (and why you should care)

A brief guided tour of some of the highlights of Scala 3, and what they mean for everyday functional programming

Conor Farrell (@SectoidCmdr) - Functional Kotlin

A brief introduction to how you can use Kotlin functionally! Spoiler alert: it’s nicer than Java.

Alex Lynham (@hipsters_unite) - Monadic deferreds in Clojure - just ddo it!

A lightning talk on how (and why) we use monads as the building block for our work with deferreds at Yapster, and why this may be a useful tool in your Clojure(script) programs too.

Paul Wild (@pw_x)- Using F# to parse poker hand history

Any edge in online poker could mean the difference between winning that big pot or losing everything. Luckily every hand played is recorded in log files and analyzing this data could be the first step towards the final table of the world series.

With that goal in mind this talk will introduce F#s parser combinator library fparsec and apply it to understanding this log history. Expect plenty of code examples and a demo or two.

This meeting is kindly supported by Barclays Eagle Labs and CapsuleCRM.