After a bit of a gap (sorry about that!) we’re back and going online!

Watch the Livestream

We’ve three talks for you this month.

Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia - Lessons from doing production FP

On my first FP (Clojure) production project, I discovered that my approach was incorrect. This is a quick view of my errors and what I did to overcome them.

Andrew Whitehouse - TDD for Clojure and the Clojure Jupyter kernel

Conor Farrell - Kotlin for Scala Developers, and vice versa

Having finally managed to get paid to write all the major JVM languages, I’ll compare and contrast the two most recent, Scala and Kotlin.

Obviously in the strange times that we live in we can’t go to the pub after the talks, however please do join us on our new discord server. We are still getting setup with this, so let us know if there is anything you would like to see on there.